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Using bottom bar and one support float button. A very simple and effective bottom bar that is the best for every websites, especially for the most popular free and default Shopify themes such as Dawn, Spotlight, Sense.. with a minimalist and mobile-friendly design. This bottom bar will help your visitors navigate to all components of the website such as categories, pages, blogs, and special tools like Menu, search...
  • Very lightweight and simple
  • Integrates seamlessly with some components of the theme
  • Easily coexists with other applications
  • Can run on all pages of the website or configure separately


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Using highlight bottom bar, and one support float multi buttons. Using Navi+ here can enhance the brand's beauty, even reflecting regional culture.

In this case, you will see Navi+ containing the website's main call-to-action (CTA). Customers will scan and view information on the web, then decide on the next action by either visiting your store, contacting for more information, or placing an order for direct delivery. In this case, Navi+ help converting visitors into potential customers.

  • Creative and focused
  • Convenient contact system
  • Up-To-Top completely free with another apps


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Using float and one right support bar. This demos to you creating any bottom menu bar template freely, much like the aroma of a delicious coffee on a cool autumn day. You can change everything, from icons, text, colors, font styles, menu layers, and let your imagination soar without worrying about potential mistakes.
  • Specially creative with hanging bottom bar
  • Demo another way of support bar
  • You can fully customize it


106 rating

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Using bottom bar, top bar and one support float button. Elegant and simple, that's how the author presents it on the Furni template - one of the Bottom Menu bars quickly created with Navi+.

Many stores use Navi+ and choose the menu in the Top Bar to avoid affecting other applications. It will be especially suitable if you want to link between large pages that Shopify's menu does not meet.

  • Avoid conflicts entirely
  • Break all design conventions