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Navi+ | Free toolkit to create your website navigations

This is a powerful and user-friendly toolkit that enables you to create various navigation styles such as: Bottom Bar, Menu, Drawer, Rail, Float button…


Why Navi+? Why navigation?

Because navigation is the most important aspect of a website. Similar to intelligently organizing shelves and pathways in a supermarket, customers will easily make purchase decisions aligned with business goals, identify necessary information, share on social media, and become loyal customers by receiving newsletters. 

Work process

Transform your store to be as user-friendly as a mobile app by several clicks.

Flexible & limitless

No need for design or technical knowledge, just drag and drop

Truely Mobile-first

Extremely lightweight, continuously optimized, and never-conflict

Smoothly with caching

Daily measurement, user understanding, and easy A/B testing

Free forever

Free still performs well until you truly need a higher version




$ 4.99


Customers that we’ve tested had quite a lot of positive feedback.

“ Very helpful app, have been looking for a long time to find something that gives the customer quick access to the most important pages. Well thought out and great app-alike look. In addition, super fast and capable support.

Glanzstück Berlin

“ This is my first time rating the shopify app over 5 years. Most important is the customer service is very good. Also nice graphic and great function for this app.

Hong Kong SAR

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